Notre Dame Catholic School, in the Diocese of Fort Worth, strives to offer to each student an intellectual, physical and spiritual foundation upon which to build a child of God.  The school assists parents in the education of their children by helping each student develop personal faith, knowledge and skills to live a full Christian life as productive members of their community.  The school provides guidance through teachers who are professionally competent and morally exemplary. It strives to maintain an intellectually stimulating atmosphere in which students can investigate a broad educational spectrum within a framework of traditional Christian practices and values.

Our primary focus in spiritual formation follows a four-fold responsibility of:

  • Proclaiming the message revealed by Jesus in word and deed
  • Manifesting through worship the outward sign of Christian duty
  • Building community through fulfilling the Gospel call to fellowship and social justice
  • Giving service to all persons through sharing spiritual and temporal goods with those in need

An intellectual atmosphere is provided through a comprehensive offering of experiences to prepare students for success in their academic journey and future goals. The physical dimension is met through programs that enable students to learn the virtues of self-discipline, responsibility and teamwork.

Notre Dame Catholic School is accredited by the Texas Catholic Conference Education Department (TCCED) and AdvancED.  Notre Dame Catholic School is recognized by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) in its list of accredited schools under Tarrant County in the Diocese of Fort Worth.