notre dame


Notre Dame Catholic School

School Advisory Council

  1. Elementary School (1st – 5th)  Libby Kolar (Secretary)
  2. Middle School (6th – 8th)  Lori Shidell
  3. High School (9th – 12th)  Katie Parkey
  4. Sacred Heart CC  Brian Kowalick (Vice President)
  5. Alumni  Daniel Escobedo ’01 (President)

Pastor, SHCC (non-voting) Fr. Jeff Poirot

Pastor, OLQoPCC (non-voting) Fr. Alexander Ambrose

Principal (non-voting) Michael Edghill


The purpose of the School Advisory Council is clearly stated in the Diocesan School Bylaws for the Notre Dame Catholic School Advisory Council. Article II Section 1 states “The purpose of the Council is to advise the Bishop’s Designee of Father Jeff Poirot and Father Alexander Ambrose and the Principal or President of Notre Dame Catholic School on matters related to the operation of Notre Dame Catholic School.

Composition & Function:

The Council is made up of representatives of various interest groups with a vested stake in the success and future of Notre Dame Catholic School. These include representatives of the sponsoring parishes, alumni, and current parents among others. These representatives are tasked with attending School Advisory Council meetings in order to remain informed on the actions of the school on matters of current need and on plans to ensure the welfare of Notre Dame Catholic School in the future.

If anyone has concerns about the school or issues that they wish to be brought to the School Advisory Council for consideration, they should contact the representative of the constituency to share their concerns, thoughts or ideas.