PHILOSOPHY OF EDUCATION: Notre Dame, a Catholic school in the Diocese of Fort Worth, strives to facilitate the spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development of each student. It seeks to inspire a joy in learning and a thirst for greater and deeper knowledge in hopes of preparing them for future leadership in vocations and civic life in imitation of Christ.

Notre Dame Catholic School has a tradition of offering a rigorous intellectual program with extracurricular activities and events to develop the diverse God-given talents of its students. It stands as an educational and religious center for students, alumni, families, and the local Wichita Falls community.

The goal of Notre Dame Catholic School is to graduate citizens with a deep and comprehensive understanding of education that extends beyond the classroom. This goal is achieved by teaching its students to appreciate the richness of God’s creation, to wrestle with the basic questions of human existence, to listen for God’s personal call, to have a true love of others, and to respond with a generosity beyond the ordinary and commonplace.


Person of Faith
The graduate confidently and actively articulates and practices the teachings of the Catholic faith.

Moral Decision Maker
The graduate considers the moral and ethical implications of decisions and chooses to do what is right according to the teachings of the Church.

Contemplative Person
The graduate will develop an appreciation for beauty in the world and the wonder of God’s creation.

Culturally Sensitive
The graduate exhibits global awareness and cultural sensitivity, and supports the Church’s teachings regarding social justice.

Academically Proficient
The graduate is academically proficient and prepared for success in higher education and the professional realm.

Effective Communicator
The graduate dialogues objectively and persuasively, articulating ideas through various modes of expression and seeks to clarify diverse points of view through active listening.

Creative Learner & Problem Solver
The graduate applies creative talents to solve problems and serve others.

Critical Thinker
The graduate uses reason in pursuit of truth, recognizing that all truth is rooted in the person of Christ.

Life-Long Learner
The graduate engages in the pursuit of knowledge as a life-long activity.