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High School


             The following is a listing of courses available in suggested grade levels.  Students’ schedules are planned individually and may include more options than are listed here.  The Midwestern State University Concurrent Program is a privilege for 11th and 12th grade students who are accepted by application and by meeting all requirements of MSU Admissions, including a contract requiring school and parent permission.


GRADE 9      

Theology I Algebra I Health Speech
English I Geometry Art PE
World History Spanish I Band Drama
Biology Latin I



Theology II Geometry Yearbook English II
Algebra II Drama Band PE
World Geography Spanish II PreEngineering Art
Chemistry Latin II Music Appreciation


GRADE 11   

Theology III Algebra II Physics English III
Pre-Calculus (H) Drama Yearbook PE
Art Band Human Biology/Genetics U.S. History
Spanish III Advanced Earth Science PreEngineering Chemistry
Latin III *MSU Concurrent Classes (H)
Personal Finance ACT/SAT Prep
Music Appreciation



Theology IV Human Biology/Genetics Business Math English IV
Calculus (H) Physics Music Appreciation Pre-Calculus (H)
Yearbook Band Government/Economics Personal Finance
PE Chemistry Advanced Earth Science Art
Latin IV Spanish IV *MSU Concurrent Classes (H) Drama
Art ACT/SAT Prep PreEngineering