Notre Dame Knights,

Mrs. Hollis Cluley

I hope this email finds you well and that you are staying safe and as active as possible.  As we all face the the COVID- 19, I hope to offer a few tips of guidance on the ever-changing information, as well as the fears your child may be facing during this uncertain time. Everyone, including students, parents, communities, and nations, handle events differently. You all know your child better than anyone, and like me, you are learning even more with this beautifully chaotic social distancing experience. Some children are unaware of the events going on, others are dealing with it quietly, and the rest are aware of its effect on their daily lives and emotions. 

Children who are unaware: Remind them of the importance of  self-care by making sure they are practicing good hygiene, and finding ways to nourish their minds and bodies. Studies show, and parents everywhere understand, how important it is to get adequate sleep, healthy meals, physical activity, and practice ample cleanliness. These simple measures add up to positive daily habits. Consistency and healthy activities will allow your child to remain blissfully unaware of the events going on around them.

Students who are quietly dealing with it: Some may admit to feeling worried, stressed, and afraid, while others openly display these emotions rather than talk about them. Dealing with worry and stress is experienced differently for everyone. During these intense times, it is important to keep an eye on your child’s actions, words, and even facial expressions. Yes, their face 🙂 Parents, you should watch for any signs of stress or worry. They may not verbalize or openly display their fear, but if it is there, they will show you. Parents play a vital role in easing the pain through these confusing times. Make sure your child is staying active through play, school work, and creativity. They will be able to express themselves through these activities and allow themselves to work through the emotions. Even better is when the activities allow the child’s mind to be free of those emotions for a while. Fresh air, when the weather permits, is a wonderful way to clear the mind. 

Students who are asking questions: There are many ways to answer questions that your child may have. Those responses are up to you because you know how your child handles information. Be as honest as needed, and remind each other how important it is to stay accurately  informed and updated. When necessary, turn to the self-help links and blogs available, many specifically designed for students. Explain how necessary it is that we, as a community and country, do our part to keep ourselves and others safe by practicing good hygiene, social distancing, and self-care.

I am here to help anytime. As the teachers are working on ways to teach through this, I am available via email to help with any questions, concerns, or good ole’ grade checks and scheduling questions! Please do not hesitate to reach out.

Thank you and have a wonderful week!

Hollis Cluley


Notre Dame Catholic School