notre dame

Parent Teacher Organization

ALL PARENTS AND TEACHERS are part of PTO and are encouraged to come to the monthly meetings.
Check your calendar for the times and dates.

Year Round Activities:

  • Before School Care (partially fund)
  • Coordinate classroom parents
  • Box Tops for Education
  • Campbell’s Soup Labels
  • Mr. & Miss Manners
  • Class Fund auditing
  • School Directory
  • Beginning of Year Potluck
  • Suckers for Spirit Day (suckers for having the ND decal on vehicle)
  • Pizza & Pumpkins (Halloween costume party, pumpkin carving contest & haunted house!!!)
  • Faculty Christmas gifts
  • Catholic Schools Week
  • Chili Cook-Off (along with Director of Enrollment)
  • Teacher Appreciation Day
  • Ice Cream Spirit Day
Did you know, though, that you can earn eBoxtops for the school when you shop online? Just go to, Sign Up to create an account, then click the tab to shop online. As long as you access where you want tot shop via the Box Tops website, we get credit for the things you would buy anyway with no cutting!
Contact Susan Cooper (Boxtops Coordinator) with questions.