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2018-2019 ReEnrollment Now Open

Dear Parents & Guardians

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to work with you in the formation and education of your child/children. By investing in an education at Notre Dame Catholic School, you are investing in the spiritual and academic formation of your child that will support them throughout their lifetime. Catholic schools  have been proven over the years to have a significant impact on the likelihood that a young person will succeed in college and that they will retain their faith. We have made substantial progress at Notre Dame over the last few years thanks to many committed people on our faculty and staff and thanks to the commitment of all of our families. With that said, we are proud to continue #oNwarD into the 2018-2019 school year and look forward to you joining us so that we can continue to form the young men and women of Wichita Falls in wisdom and in virtue.

Tuition & Fees
This letter is meant to give you an overview of the process for re-enrollment of your student(s) at Notre Dame Catholic School for the 2018-2019 Academic Year. Included with this letter is the tuition and fee schedule for 2018-2019. We are continuing to invest in our school and in your child’s education through facilities, books, and most importantly, people. To serve our mission as a part of the Catholic Church, we strive to be excellent stewards of the resources offered us and try to keep costs down as much as is reasonable. After a thorough evaluation of our current situation with help from the school Finance Council and School Advisory Council, and in planning for the coming year, we have built a Tuition & Fee Schedule that we feel is more appropriate to our educational costs. Overall, we were able to limit the tuition increase to around 2%, which is roughly the current rate of inflation. In doing so, we will be able to offer our faculty & staff a 2% pay raise in an effort to provide a just wage. In addition, we will be offering a 10% tuition discount for your family if a new student enrolls for the 2018-2019 school year before May 31 based upon your referral.

Re-enrollment for the 2018-2019 Academic Year is now available online through the Notre Dame Catholic School website. We have made efforts to improve the process for re-enrollment. Please visit, highlight the banner label ‘Admissions’ and select ‘Returning Student Enrollment’. One submission is necessary per student. If you register by March 15, 2018, you will receive our Early Registration discount of $50.00 off the Registration Fee. Your punctuality in attending to this is greatly appreciated. The regular Spring Registration Fee for the 2018-2019 school year will be $100.00 per family.

Tuition Assistance
For those in need of tuition assistance, we are committed to doing all that we can to facilitate a Catholic school education for families who have a proven and sincere desire for a Catholic school education for their child/children. As such, aid is available and allocated on a year-to-year basis based upon the information that the school receives from the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment for the upcoming school year. The FACTS application for tuition assistance for the 2018-2019 Academic Year is now available online at If  you think that you will be in need of tuition assistance, please complete the FACTS application process. To be considered for the first allocation of tuition assistance, the deadline for your completed application to be submitted is March 15, 2018.

Thank you again for joining with us as we continue the legacy that is Notre Dame Catholic School. May Christ continue to be the center of our school. May our students continue to grow in virtue. May we continue to strive for excellence. May God pour out his abundant blessings on our school and on our families. Please keep Notre Dame Catholic School in your prayers.

Warmest regards and God bless.

Michael W Edghill
– Principal –