Thank you for your interest in Notre Dame Catholic School!

Mr. Matt Ledesma
Admissions Director

Notre Dame continues a century-long tradition of academic excellence and spiritual formation in Wichita Falls dating back to its beginning as the Academy of Mary Immaculate in 1904. In that time our mission has remained consistent – helping our students grow in their faith, as well as gain knowledge and skills that prime them for success both inside the classroom and beyond our walls. Our enrichment courses and extra-curricular offerings in music, art, theater, foreign language and athletics also offer students the opportunity to develop into well-rounded individuals. Most importantly, Notre Dame strives to produce fully-formed disciples of Jesus Christ.

I invite you to learn more about our school, tour our classrooms and find out how Notre Dame can be the educational experience best suited for your family. Faith, Academics, Student Life – it is all here! I look forward to showing you more about what makes our school such a unique educational option.

Step-by-Step Admissions Process

Step 1: Fill out our online new student enrollment application.

Step 2: Provide all needed transcripts and supporting documents (including standardized test scores and any IEPs) for review and placement. Parents are asked to request a copy of their student’s records in order to expedite this process. Additionally, any written documentation pertaining to educational, physical, or psychological evaluations or assessments as well as the required health records, medical insurance information, immunization records, birth certificate and dates of Baptism*, 1st Penance*, 1st Eucharist*, and Confirmation* is also needed.
(* = only needed from Catholic applicants)

Step 3: Arrange for a classroom screening (entering grades PK – 5) or admissions review (entering grades 6 – 11). The classroom screening consists of a one-on-one meeting between the prospective student and his or her grade-level teacher. The admissions review is conducted by the Upper Campus guidance counselor and enrollment director.

Step 4: Arrange for payment of tuition.

Option 1: Pay tuition in full. (then, skip to Step 6)

Option 2: If you need to spread out your payments or would like to be considered for financial assistance, you must complete the online FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment.

Step 5: Finalize your payment plan through FACTS.

Step 6: Enjoy the Notre Dame Catholic School experience!

Acceptance of new students is determined by space availability for each grade.  Waiting lists will be established when necessary.