July 6, 2020

Dear Notre Dame Catholic School Families:

We know how challenging the past several months have been, and hopefully this letter finds your family in good spirits and good health. Once again we would like to commend you all for your perseverance, as well as express our thanks for your continued support and prayers for our school administration, faculty and staff. We continue to diligently work towards a safe return to campus for our students. Be assured the health and safety of our school community continues to be a top priority, along with our mission to provide a quality Catholic education. The 2020-2021 school year brings with it much excitement as we welcome our new principal, Mr. Omar Montemayor, to our administrative team. Our school will greatly benefit from Mr. Montemayor’s many years of educational experience. So it is with great anticipation that we look forward to the first day of school — Monday,  August 10. We invite you to read through this brief overview of information for the upcoming school year. As always, our administrative team is available to answer any questions by contacting the front office.

2020 – 2021 Student/Parent Handbook

The 2020-2021 Student/Parent Handbook will be available on the school website under the ‘About’ tab on July 15. Please review, print and sign the needed ‘Acknowledgement’ page and return it to the front office before the first day of school.

Medical Information

Notre Dame Catholic School is required to have Emergency Care Forms and a record of immunization for all students. New students and athletes are also required to have a physical exam with the results provided to the school before beginning practice for athletics or starting school. Physicals may not be performed by a chiropractor. Students who have had rubella (measles) must have verification from a doctor giving the dates of the illness. If you cannot provide verification, the student must have a rubella vaccination. Students entering the 9th grade, all new students to Notre Dame, and all students participating in athletic activities must have a new medical examination on file. The immunization form must be in the office before the first day of school. The physical exam forms are available in the school office. Proof of insurance on students is also required for those participating in athletics. The Medication Permit Form must be signed by your doctor and on file in the front office for your student to take any medication. This includes over-the-counter medications such as cough drops and Tylenol/Advil. These must be in original packaging. A separate Medication Permit Form is required for each medication given to your child. Without this form on file, we will not be allowed to dispense medication to your child.

COVID-19 & Return to School

We continue to work with the Diocese of Fort Worth’s Catholic Schools Office, as well as review all updates from the Texas Education Agency, in preparation for our students’ return to campus in August. More information regarding these preparations will be sent to our school families in the coming weeks. Please contact school president Daniel Escobedo with any questions or concerns at 940-692-6041 or daniel.escobedo@ndcswf.org.

Billing through FACTS

All families are billed for tuition and other incidental charges through our FACTS Tuition Management system. Please check your profile as is necessary to make sure that your financial information is up to date and accurate. Any questions regarding the FACTS system or tuition arrangements should be directed to Mrs. Shana Ferguson, NDCS Business Manager, at 940-692-6041 or at shana.ferguson@ndcswf.org.

Being Prepared for Back to School – School Supply Drop Off & Paperwork Pickup

Office staff will be available from 7 a.m. until noon on Monday, Aug. 3 for the payment of tuition/fees, and to drop off or pick up any outstanding forms that need to be completed (medical forms, student-parent handbook acknowledgement page, free/reduced lunch applications, updated emergency cards). Upper Campus students may get their class schedules and arrange their lockers, and Lower Campus students may drop off school supplies. 

Being Prepared for Back to School – Early Childhood Schedule & Meet The Teacher Night

3K, 4K, and Kindergarten students’ schedules will vary slightly for the first week of school. Half of the class will meet on the first day, Monday, August 10th, and again on Wednesday, August 12th.  The second half of the class will meet on Tuesday, August 11th and again on Thursday, August 13th.  All students will come together for the first time on Friday, August 14. Your child’s teacher will send a letter home the last week of July to inform you of your child’s schedule for the first week of school. The school day hours for 3K, 4K, and Kindergarten students are 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. Students attending school for half days in 3K and 4K are dismissed at 11:00 am. Parents are invited to meet the Early Childhood teachers on Tuesday, Aug. 4 from 6 to 7 p.m. at the Our Lady Queen of Peace Family Life Center to  listen to a brief presentation about the school year in their classrooms.

Being Prepared for Back to School – 1st – 12th grade Meet The Teacher Night

Our annual Meet the Teacher Night for 1st through 12th grade will be on Thursday, Aug. 20 from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Lower Campus families are invited to visit their student’s classroom, and Upper Campus families will have an opportunity to walk through their student’s daily class schedule. Teachers will give a brief presentation and overview of the school year in their classrooms.

Daily Schedule – Upper Campus

All students are expected to be in their classroom by 8:00 am. Upper Campus students are only permitted to enter the front doors unless participating in early morning athletics. Attendance will be taken promptly at the beginning of class, and the school day will end at 3:10 pm. Students may study in the library until 4:00 pm.

Daily Schedule – Lower Campus

Morning care at the Lower Campus begins at 7:00 am.  Students arriving to school before 8:00 am are required to enter through the west door off the parking lot.  All students are expected to be in their classroom by 8:00 am so attendance can be taken. Students arriving to school after 8:00 am must enter through the front doors and check in at the office for a tardy slip.  Arrival procedures are outlined in the Student-Parent Handbook.  

Early Dismissals on Wednesday for Faculty Development

Wednesdays will continue to be an early release day. The school day will end at 2:15 pm for 3K, 4K, and kindergarten students and at 2:25 pm 1st grade – 12th grade students.  Students release early on Wednesdays to allow faculty and staff time to meet for the purposes of collaboration and/or continuing professional development. Extended Day will be available at the Lower Campus one hour early on these days at half-price charge to the parent/guardian for that hour.

The following days will also be early release days to allow for additional faculty training and development. Extended Day will be available at the Lower Campus one hour early on these days at no additional charge to the parent/guardian for that hour:

Friday, Sept. 18

Friday, Nov. 13

Friday, Jan. 15

Friday, Feb. 19

Friday, April 16

Afternoon Dismissal – Lower Campus 

3K, 4K, and Kindergarten dismiss at 3:00 pm.  Grades 1 through 5 dismiss at 3:10 pm. On Wednesdays, dismissal is at 2:15 pm and 2:25 respectively.  Lower Campus students not picked up by 3:25 pm (2:35 on Wednesdays) will be sent to Extended Day and the additional fee must be paid.  School personnel cannot be responsible for watching children after school. Lower Campus students are to be picked up at the Lower Campus and will not be allowed to wait at the Upper Campus for an older sibling or parent to pick them up.  Dismissal procedures are outlined in the Student-Parent Handbook.  

MSU/Vernon Concurrent Courses

Junior and Senior students who are enrolled in the MSU/Vernon Concurrent Program should have all registration completed. Please contact Mrs. Hollis Cluley at 940-692-6041 with questions.

Custodial Agreements

Divorced or separated parents must file a court-certified copy of the custody section of the divorce or separation decree with the Principal’s Office.  The school will not be held responsible for failing to honor arrangements that had not been made known to the school in the appropriate manner. Should there be any changes to the custodial agreement while the child is a student at Notre Dame, it is the responsibility of the parents to provide the school with updated court documents. The school will abide by what is on file.

Additional Information

Our first all-school Mass will be held on Wednesday, August 12th. All students are required to wear Mass uniforms this day. All-school Mass will continue to be celebrated on Wednesdays throughout the school year unless otherwise announced.

Thank you for your attention to the items contained in this letter and for your continued support for Notre Dame Catholic School. We look forward to continuing to partner with you as we embark on another wonderful school year.

God bless & Go Knights!

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