Dear Notre Dame Catholic School Community Member,

Hail the gold and hail the blue, to our colors ALWAYS true.

Since its inception in 1904, Catholic education in Wichita Falls has been an important mission of the Catholic Church. Through great expense and sacrifice, the people of Texoma have kept Catholic education alive for 115 years. Our beloved Notre Dame continues to proudly carry on the tradition of providing the children in this region with a Catholic Education.

As our school enters this new era in leadership, we look to connect the success of the past with the excitement of the present. Notre Dame has always been a place where one generation passes the torch to the next. It’s now our turn to carry that torch and lead our school onward. It is our responsibility to ensure the success of Catholic education in Texoma for the next 115 years.

Notre Dame Catholic School holds a special place in many hearts. The personal and spiritual bonds formed inside our school are long lasting and enrich our lives beyond measure. Whether you continue to live here or life has moved you away, Notre Dame will always be here. Ready for you to come home.

Today, we ask you for your financial support. Invest in Notre Dame! Invest in the future of Catholic education in Wichita Falls. You can easily make your donation online through our school’s Give Gab fundraising page at Contributions may also be made to the school directly with cash, check or credit card at the front office.

“Wherever we may roam, we will ALWAYS call it home. It’s the place we love the best, dear old N.D.H.S”

God Bless and Go Knights,

Daniel E. Escobedo ‘01


Notre Dame Catholic School