Extended Day Procedures:

In an effort to maintain the health and safety of your children the following changes have been made to the extended day program to account for proper social distancing and other Covid-19 protocol. 

The changes are as follows:

  • Students desks will be spaced 6ft apart, when space allows. 
  • All desks will be cleaned prior to and after every use.
  • All student belongings will be stored in the hallway, outside of the extended classroom in the students individually labeled area. 
  • Sharing of school supplies will not be permitted. 
  • Wearing of face masks as required for adult workers and children, age appropriate.
  • Students in grades 3k-1st will use the same extended day classrooms as last year. 
  • Grades 2nd-5th will use classroom 19A on the 3rd wing. 
  • Students in the extended day program are required to wash their hands or use the provided hand sanitizer upon entry.  
  • Students in the extended day program will practice regular hand washing. Extended day students will observe appropriate social distancing whenever possible.
  • When weather permits, students will be outside on the playground.  
  • When students return from outdoor activities, they will be required to wash their hands.
  • Notre Dame will be responsible for providing snacks and water for the students who attend the extended day program. (Donations of snacks and water are encouraged)
  • Prior to a snack being had, students will wash their hands. 
  • Snacks provided by the extended day program will continue to be single servings.(Sharing of snacks will not be permitted.)
  • Students will be dismissed at the exterior door for their cohort. Students in grades 3k-1st  grade will use exit G and grades 2-5 will use exit E.
  • Parents will complete the signout process without entering the building. 

Attached you will find a diagram of the school with the exits clearly labeled. Please park in the extended day parking lot and find the corresponding exit for your student. The sign up sheet will be located outside of the building. We ask that parents not enter the building unless absolutely necessary. Our extended day staff is glad to help your student gather his or her things before leaving. 

Lastly, all toys will be removed from the extended day rooms. Students will be encouraged to complete their homework and other assignments as a means to keep your students occupied during the extended day. We ask that parents extended day students please send their child with their own extended day supplies. Children will need coloring/activity books, markers or crayons. We will allow extended day students to use the playground as often as possible when weather allows.